Can you wash a Rain Jacket?

Wondering if you can wash a rain jacket? The answer is yes! Most rain jackets are designed to be machine-washable for easy care. 

To ensure the best care for your rain jacket, be sure to read the care label for specific instructions. Washing your rain jacket in cold water and using a gentle detergent will help to keep the fabric and waterproof coating free from dirt and oil. To avoid damage to the waterproof coating, do not dry clean or use fabric softener when washing. After washing, line dry your rain jacket away from direct sunlight to maintain the waterproofing and fabric integrity. Following these simple steps will help you keep your rain jacket looking and performing great!

How to wash a rain jacket in a washing machine

In order to maintain its waterproof qualities, your rain jacket needs to be cleaned. The washing machine is an effective way to restore the protection it offers. You should be sure to use a front-loading machine, since top-loaders tend to be harsh on technical fabrics. In addition, you may want to add a waterproofing agent. While you’re washing your rain jacket in the washer, remember to remove any detachable items and close all zippers before washing it.

To prevent damage to your rain jacket, check the care label. These labels will tell you how to wash and dry your rain jacket. Some jackets also have specific symbols that indicate the type of wash they need. For example, a jacket may have a “Sweet” symbol. In such cases, you should avoid washing it with a hot cycle. You should also avoid using regular detergent, as this can damage the waterproofing. Instead, look for a detergent that is gentle and aimed at cleaning rain jackets. Nikwax Tech Wash is a mild detergent designed for this purpose. It will ensure your jacket retains its waterproofing and breathability.