Can You Wash Towels With Clothes?

Traditionally, you should not wash towels with clothes, but if you absolutely must, here are some guidelines for washing them.

Key points:

  • Towels can transfer germs and bacteria from other items, so it’s important to wash them separately.
  • If you do want to wash them with your clothes, make sure you choose the correct temperature for the materials.
  • You should also use a fabric softener to make sure they don’t get snarled in the washing machine.

Why you can’t wash towels with clothes

Washing towels with clothes can add extra time to the wash cycle, and it doesn’t get rid of as much dirt or lint. Even when you wash them at a lower temperature, towels are still susceptible to bacteria and germs from your clothes. Washing your towels in a normal water temperature with similar colors is a better choice, and it’s best to do it every three or four days.

How to wash them

The first step in washing towels is to remove lint and stains. You can use dryer sheets to coat the towels or add wool dryer balls or tennis balls to reduce static. You also want to place the towels in a place with good air circulation. Don’t place them over a heating vent or on top of a heater. When washing towels, it’s important to choose the right cycle for the material. Tumble-drying is best for soft towels, but air drying is also good.

Avoiding snags in the washing machine

To avoid snags, you should always remove any plastic tags from your towels before washing. Plastic tags can damage the fabric.

Using fabric softener

When you wash towels with clothes, you may use fabric softener. The softener coats the fabric fibers to give it a silky feel. However, it will cause a lot of residue on your towels, reducing their absorbency and fluffiness. In order to maintain the softness of your towels, you should try to lower the amount of fabric softener you use.

Avoiding over-drying

When washing towels, you should take some precautions to avoid over-drying. First, remember that it’s important to remove creases and crumples. This will help them dry faster and avoid musty smells. Also, be sure to shake them before loading the washer.