Can you wash a crocheted blanket?

Washing your crocheted blanket can be a bit tricky, but with these tips you can keep your blanket looking and feeling great!

Key points:

  • Use cold water and a gentle detergent to avoid shrinking or damaging the fibers
  • Hand wash or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine
  • Avoid wringing or twisting the blanket to remove excess water
  • Lay the blanket flat to dry, or hang it over a clothesline to air dry
  • Don’t expose the blanket to direct sunlight or heat sources to avoid fading or damaging the fibers

Washing a crocheted blanket by hand

When you want to wash your crocheted blanket, you have a few options. You can either hand-wash it or use a liquid detergent. If you choose the latter, you should be careful to mix the detergent with the water before putting the blanket in the washer. After soaking the blanket in the water for a few minutes, you should work the soap into the blanket by rubbing it against itself or kneading it in your hands. Once you have finished soaking your blanket, rinse the blanket thoroughly until no suds remain. It is important to avoid wringing out the blanket or getting it too wet, as this could damage delicate fibers or cause it to lose its shape.

While hand-washing a crocheted blanket is the safest way to go, some crochet blankets can be machine-washed. However, it is still important to remember that the wrong settings can cause damage to your blanket, and even some newer, store-bought ones may not be safe to machine-wash. You also want to wash your crocheted blanket separately, in cool water, and on the gentlest cycle.

Drying a crocheted blanket

If you crochet a blanket or other piece of clothing, you must know how to dry it properly. The best way to dry your crocheted blanket is to lay it flat and place it in a dry place. Avoid using an over-heated dryer and spread the blanket over several dryer cycles for even drying.

If you are washing a crocheted blanket in a washing machine, make sure to wash it on the delicate cycle. Do not use too much detergent because it can weaken the fibers in the yarn. Also, be sure to use a gentle detergent that is gentle on the fibers. If you need to use fabric softener, you should read the directions on the package carefully. You may need to test a small portion of the fabric softener before applying it to the entire piece.

After washing the blanket, dry it by using a dryer with a low heat. It will take about 24 hours for the blanket to dry completely. You can use a plastic shower curtain or towel to absorb any excess water while it dries. If you are using 100% acrylic yarn, you can dry it on a low heat setting.