Can you wash a jersey?

Whether your jersey is from a favorite team or from a family member, you’re probably wondering how to wash it. Although most jerseys are made of polyester or synthetic fabric, some types are delicate and require special care when washing. You should always read the care label before washing a jersey. It’s best to wash it in cold water and not in the dryer. However, if you must wash your jersey in the machine, you should consider using a special detergent designed for sports jerseys.

First, rinse your jersey thoroughly. You can use a utility sink or a hose to wash off excess dirt. It’s important to rinse a jersey as soon as possible, as dirt can set in to the fabric after a game. Make sure to use cold water, as hot water can cause the dirt to set into the fabric.

When washing a jersey, use cold water and gentle cycle, using color-safe detergent. Avoid bleach and liquid detergent, as they can cause damage to the fabric. Instead, use a powder detergent, which is safer for sports jerseys. This way, you won’t have to worry about the jersey fading and getting it stained again.

Another tip is not to mix dark and light-colored clothes. Never wash a jersey with white or black jeans, as they can mix and cause color streaks. Moreover, don’t use zippers on delicate clothing.