Can you wash blankets with clothes?

Throw blankets can be washed with clothes and towels, but you should keep them separate to prevent cross-contamination. During the washing process, towels leave behind threads, which can become attached to other clothing. If you want to avoid this problem, you should only wash blankets in a washing machine.

In washing wool blankets, use cool water and a mild detergent. Soak them for about 30 minutes, and then dry gently. Repeat the process until the blanket is wrinkle-free. You should also press out the excess water from the blanket to prevent it from shrinking. Then, hang it to dry in the sun. After the blanket is dry, you should press it flat to reduce the drying time. However, be careful not to overdry it. Overdrying will cause it to shrink and become damaged.

Wool blankets require special care. If you do accidentally wash one in the washer, it may lose its shape. You should never wash it in a washing machine, as wool tends to lose shape after being subjected to intense washing and drying. If you must wash your blanket, use a mild detergent and only use a quarter cup of detergent. If you have a large blanket, use a delicate cycle or hang dry it.

Throw blankets made from cotton can be washed in the washing machine. But, they need special care, so it is important to read the washing instructions and the manufacturers’ recommendations carefully. You should also check the temperature of the water when you wash the blankets. The correct temperature for washing them should be at least 20°C.